Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Lights....

After my wander in the hills I returned to my tent and cooked up a storm. Well ok, it was a freeze dried meal but reasonable plus a nice dessert. The daily ration packs from Outdoors Grub are very acceptable indeed.
Later in the evening I decided to take a wander down to the wharf with my camera and tripod. No particular reason, just thought I would as it was a perfectly clear sky. Anyway, I ended up down at the wharf at about 9pm, not long after sunset. While I was standing there looking at that beautiful clear sky I noticed a greenish band of light stretching across the western half of the sky. Seriously hoping it was the beginning of a light show, I got my camera ready. I had brought a little Gorillapod tripod with me. It only stood 30cms or so high but at least it held the camera still for long exposures.
The light show began and I got to work capturing images. It really was very special with curtains, beams, and glows happening in all directions. At one stage I had a beautiful shimmering red and green curtain directly above me. All I could do was stare and say " that's awesome". No time for the camera with that one unfortunately.
Two hours later, the show faded and I went back to my tent a very happy traveller. I felt privileged to have seen such a wonderful show. Fabulous.




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