Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A wander in magic land

After exploring the beauty of Tasiilaq Fjord I returned to where I saw the huts on my way in. All the time I had in the back of my mind the story that Lars the boatman had told me as we crossed from Kulusuk Island to Ammassalik Island. He told me how two weeks before there had been a French party camped in this same fjord. One of the girls in the party heard a noise late at night. At first she thought her airbed had sprung a leak as she heard a quiet "whoosh, whoosh, whoosh". Unfortunately the whooshing noise walked past her was the breathing of a polar bear she was hearing. Unzipping the tent, she started screaming.
Lars comment was, "she did everything will be very bad for tourism when something happens."
So, after landing near the huts and carefully unpacking the shotgun first, I took a walk to check the huts out. The first two, small single room huts were very dilapidated and smelly. The third, a good 200 metres away up on a hill, was much more acceptable. I started carrying my gear up to the hut. It had a fantastic view, sitting on a spur running between two fjords, Qingertivaq Fjord and Tasiilaq Fjord.

The next day I explored the area, blown away by the majesty and beauty of the surroundings.

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