Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Blue Hut

The Blue Hut is situated at the confluence of 3 fjords and commands an impressive view of its surroundings. To get to it I intended paddling through the stunning Torsukattak Fjord, a very shallow tidal fjord that can only be traversed at high tide, even in a kayak.
I left Kuummiut the next morning and headed north under perfect blue skies. When I reached the shallow stretch it was still a long way from being navigable so I collected some water and put a few #3 cartridges through the 12 gauge shotgun, just to get the feel of it. It was surprisingly accurate. Then I slipped one of the solid slugs in. KABOOM!!! What a difference, both in kick and noise. Very impressive. 

Once the water had risen enough to continue I relaunched the kayak and continued on to the Blue Hut. The forecast for the next day was for very heavy weather so I knew the Hut would be home for a couple of days.

A steady stream of icebergs drifted past, adding to the overall impressiveness of the location.

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