Saturday, August 24, 2013

Does that all fit in there!!??

Well, tonight I did a trial pack in my own kayak, a Rockpool GT which is very similar in volume to the Rockpool Menai I will be using in Greenland.

I will be carrying some of my food on the back deck but everything else fitted fine, even though as a solo paddler I need to carry some extra gear.

Not long now....

In 5 days I will set foot on Greenlandic soil again :-)

The weather hasn't been too bad lately, although I am getting the impression that the weather was exceptionally good last year when I visited. Definitely more rain this year.

The first snow of autumn is forecast for the day after I arrive....

Everything is organised so all I need is favourable winds and it'll be a trip of a lifetime.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

InReach SE Satellite Messenger

I have received and set up my InReach SE satellite messenger unit. A very innovative piece of gear which brings 2 way satellite communication within reach of just about everyone.
Once I start my trip on the 29th of August you will be able to follow my progress from this page