Wednesday, June 5, 2013

It's melted!!

At last!  The ice in Kong Oscar Havn has melted. Those are mountains reflected in water that you can see :-)

Tasiilaq and Kong Oscar Havn
Whoops! I have just been informed that that is most likely water laying on top of winter ice. It should be clear if that's the case in a few days time.
Well, today Tassiilaq had a maximum temperature of 7 degrees C.
And the days are lengthening rapidly.It's only 14 days to the summer Solstice when the sun will rise at 00.55 and set at 00.05! So the town will have only 50 minutes with the sun below the horizon.

Meanwhile, down here in Tassie at 42 degrees South, we are getting the reverse. On our shortest day (June 22nd) the sun will rise at 07.42 and set at 16.43. Just 9 hours and 1 minute of sun :-) 

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